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Wild Land: different brands

Bush cruiser

The Wild Land Bush Cruiser 120 is a hardcover length sleeper. And not just any hardcover, a very slim hardcover! Compared to its brother theRock Cruiserthe slim version.

The Wild Land Bush Cruiser 120 comes standard with two roof racks. These carriers can carry 100 kilos (pay attention to the roof load of the car whether it can handle that much..)

The Bush Cruiser comes in two sizes, 120 wide and140 wide. The Bush cruiser has an integrated mattress of 7 cm thick. Thanks to the integrated gas springs, the tent opens and closes very easily. The Bush Cruiser comes standard with many nice extras such as shoe bags and  LED lighting in the roof tent.

With the supplied telescopic ladder you can decide for yourself on which side you want to enter the roof tent. You can place it on the side of the car, but also at the back. That is quite unique for a length sleeper. Usually you have to climb over each other when you have to pee at night, so with the Bush Cruiser you can also place the ladder at the back, so you no longer have to climb at night.

Adventure cruiser

The Wild Land Adventure Cruiser is a length sleeper with a sturdy hard cover.

The Wild Land Adventure Cruiser has a patented Z shape. Thanks to the gas springs, this tent can be set up within a minute. Getting around has never been easier. The Adventure Cruiser is suitable for somewhat larger/longer cars.

The Adventure Cruiser can be equipped with an awning, which goes into the tendon gutter at the top of the roof tent. This ensures that you significantly increase your living space.

Are you looking for a tent that you want to travel with, that you want to use as a kind of car camper, then the Adventure Cruiser is definitely a good option. With its mattress size of 140x205cm a two person roof tent.

The Adventure Cruiser has a lot of space when it is closed, which means that you can easily put a topper in it and even your sleeping gear can remain in the roof tent. An ideal way to have less luggage in your car and to fully enjoy the journeys you are going to make.

Rock cruiser

Beautiful innovative roof tent from the Wild Land brand. This Z-shaped roof tent is a feast for the eyes. 2 roof racks (removable) are fitted as standard on the top of the Wild Land Rock Cruiser, on which 100 kg can be transported. Thanks to integrated gas springs, the plates are at a distance from each other, creating an ideal place to sleep. Anti-fog mat for roof tent / carpet underlay In most roof tents, the mattresses are placed directly on the base plate, so that sweat and condensation can accumulate under the mattress and create a partially damp mattress. If this happens over a long period of time, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for mold. The best anti-fog mat for your roof tent depends on the type of roof tent. We recommend a 10mm version for the Rock Cruiser roof tent. It is placed under the mattress.


The Wildland Voyager is a hardcover width sleeper, without a separate cover, this cover is attached to the bottom plate! Easy to set up and break down. You close the roof tent by using the ladder as a lever, and you can easily pull the cover over the corners so that you are quickly ready to hit the road.

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